Yesterday I played softball. Nothing formal — a group of friends played a leisurely, good-natured game on a seriously foreshortened backyard diamond after a meeting. It was practice for my 40th high school reunion in August, when 42 of us who grew up together are going to play softball in Tacoma’s Cheney Stadium–home of the […]


This post originally appeared July 15, 2014, in ASCO’s blog. Reposted with permission. ————————— My first ASCO Annual Meeting was an educational and exhilarating experience. As a science geek, I loved learning about new cancer treatments from leading researchers. But the highlight for me happened in a noisy back corner of a crowded poster […]

Like many housecats I’ve met, my cats have quirks. Admiral Dufus demolishes cardboard boxes and chews paper, while General Nusiance licks plastic bags.  I don’t know why they do this.  Perhaps they lack certain minerals. Perhaps their tongues like the taste or texture. Perhaps they’re studying how humans react to the behavior of feline companions. […]

Summer in northerly US latitudes like Seattle means the sun is up almost 16 hours around the Solstice (June 21-ish). The days are long and usually sunny for a few months.  Our local mountains–especially the volcanoes–are spectacular this time of year. Mt Rainier greets July (credit: Elizabeth Bourne) The upside of this season for people who have […]

Just realized I have a Speaker Profile Page for the 2014 Stanford Medicine X conference. This is really going to happen! Only 69 days to go–I better start writing my speech. And maybe get a professional headshot.

(This is a reblog of today’s blog on the #LCSM website) On Thursday June 26, at 12 noon Eastern Time, the Journal of the American College of Radiology (#JACR) tweetchat will discuss the patient’s perspective of lung cancer screening.  It will be hosted jointly by #JACR and #LCSM, using the hashtag #JACR, and will be […]

I’ve had a Bard power port in my upper left chest almost 30 months, since December 2011.  This consists of a small titanium reservoir with a layer of silicone under my skin, connected to a catheter than runs into a vein near my heart.  I originally had it implanted so chemo could be administered through the port, sparing […]


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