Occasionally in my online lung cancer support group, a family member or caregiver wonders if they made the right treatment choices for their loved one. I can’t imagine the anguish felt by a spouse or partner wondering if they should have agreed to a radiation treatment or that last round of chemo, especially when it […]

Joining an online community of lung cancer patients and caregivers is wonderfully supportive, informative, even lifesaving.  But members must  pay dues by weathering frequent losses of friends. Saturday night, March 29,  2014, another young stage 4 lung cancer patient died of her disease.  Jessica Rice, age 33, who tweeted as @stage4blog and blogged at stage iv.wordpress.com, gave […]

Signs of spring continue to accumulate in Western Washington. Fruit trees bloom. Rain falls — this March is our wettest month EVER in Washington. And, as occasionally happens after heavy rains, landslides occur. A week ago, three million dump truck loads of liquified mountain descended onto the small community of Oso, Washington. In some parts […]

Denver gifted me with a warm, bright day today — clear skies, 60 degrees, a hint of breeze — perfect for sitting on a sun-drenched bench and basking in the glow of another clean scan. I’m still No Evidence of Disease (NED) status. Woohoo! You’d think I would have had enough radiation for one week, […]

I still travel to Denver every eight weeks for my clinical trial appointment. On each visit, I refine my travel skills. Here’s what I learned (or relearned) this time: 1. Denver employs hidden moisture vacuums in airport jetways. 2. Dodge Avengers are built for people shorter than me. 3. Weather Channel three-day forecasts for Denver […]

Here’s an inspiring and hopeful talk about finding cancer treatments. Targeted therapies are revolutionizing the way cancer is treated. One of the leaders of this revolution is Dr. Ross Camidge, Director, Thoracic Oncology Clinical Program at University of Colorado Hospital. He recently gave a talk to Colorado State University’s biotech students, using examples of his […]

The post below is reblogged with permission from the LCSM website. Patients and caregivers experience considerable stress and anxiety as a result of lung cancer diagnosis and treatment. How do you handle stress? Is it possible to prevent stress or is it ‘just a part of life’?  Some individuals handle stress and anxiety better than […]


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