Today is a relatively typical day.  I’ve been up for 2.5 hours.  I haven’t tackled any major projects yet. Why? 6:50–7:20 AM Wake up a few minutes before the alarm, take anti-reflux pill, check email, get up, step on scale, be bummed (again) about my post-cancer-treatment weight gain, resolve to spend at least 30 minutes […]

As you’ve probably heard, 25% of lung cancer patients worldwide are never smokers.  Like all lung cancer patients, the majority of never smoker LC patients are diagnosed with metastatic lung cancer, even though they often have no real symptoms.  How come lung cancer screening guidelines don’t suggest never smokers get screened for lung cancer? Well, it’s […]

On Thursday, September 25th, 8PM ET/ 5PM PT, #LCSM Chat will discuss the existing barriers in lung cancer screening in late 2014. Recently I’ve heard some lung cancer patients say they feel abandoned by lung cancer advocacy groups.  These patients think the groups are focusing too much on early detection with lung cancer screening, and have […]

Last Monday and Tuesday, September 8-9, I was in Denver for my clinical trial at University of Colorado Hospital (UCH). I had my once-every-eight-weeks PET-CT scan along with a once-every-six-months brain MRI. I’m happy to report that both scans were clean. I’m now twenty months with No Evidence of Disease of metastatic lung cancer.  That […]

I’m in Palo Alto, CA for four days attending the Stanford Medicine X (#MedX) conference, which focuses on emerging health-care technology and patient-centered medicine. The first day was a pre-conference workshop on Partnering for Health in clinical trials. I’m having a blast! It’s like a giant TweetUp of patient advocates, healthcare providers, and technology innovators. […]

Today is my day to relax, recoup and regroup.  Just for today. Yesterday I pitched, hit, threw, and ran (a very short distance) in a relaxed, laughter-filled softball game at my 40th high school reunion in Tacoma’s Cheney Stadium.  Both during the game and the reunion dinner in the evening, I had a chance to visit […]

I’ve been thinking about the US healthcare system thanks to a fascinating Facebook discussion with other Stanford Medicine X epatients.  Each of us are too familiar with the strengths and weaknesses of the US healthcare system and its mix of insurers: Medicare, employers, and private insurance companies. My focus is this:  whatever healthcare system we […]


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